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Sexuality Health Education


The ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur has officially implemented the Sexuality Health Education into the school systems. All schools at Riverside School Board will be teaching the content every school-year.

The learning content defined by the Ministère is tailored to the students ages and levels of development, and is in line with recommendations of experts from the World Health Organization and UNESCO. School personnel in collaboration with parents and community organizations (e.g. health network, community organizations) will teach the content.

The school and the family play complementary roles in Sexuality Health Education. The complementary nature of these roles reinforces and optimizes the efforts of both. Rest assured that our school teams are deeply committed to the healthy development of your child. 

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Information for parents: Please find below information regarding the Sexuality Health Education program for Elementary Schools. Riverside School Board’s Complementary Services have put together a list of documents and created information videos that summarize and explain the program per grade level. Please note that the content is intended for parents/guardians and is a sample of the RSB approach.

Riverside school staff was trained and support is available to respond to teacher questions and concerns as they may arise. The content will be taught every school-year.

If you have concerns or questions regarding the program,
please email at : 

Kindergarten Information Video

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